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Welcome to Spacious Yoga – Mysore Style Ashtanga with Iain Grysak

Ongoing Mysore classes in Ubud, Bali

Iain is currently teaching Mysore style classes at the Seeds of Life Raw Food Cafe in Ubud, Bali. Follow the link below for all schedule and pricing details:

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About Iain

Iain Grysak is a dedicated practitioner and teacher of the Ashtanga system of yoga. He is a student of Sharath Jois and has been granted KPJAYI Level 2 Authorization. He also was a long term student of Rolf Naujokat and completed the 4th (Advanced B) series with Rolf in 2014. Iain has been teaching yoga for 17 years.

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Upcoming Special Courses

Ashtanga Immersion Course – February 2020

Daily Mysore style practice, pranayama and discourse with Iain in Ubud, Bali

4 week option: February 2 to February 28, 2020
2 week option: February 2 to February 14, 2020

The Immersion consists of daily asana, pranayama and discussion. It is designed to deepen all areas of practice through direct experience, and to help integrate practice into the thread of awareness that runs through daily life.

This course includes 6 morning sessions per week consisting of traditional Mysore-style practice from Sundays – Thursdays and led primary series on Fridays. Additionally, there are 4 afternoon sessions per week, Monday – Thursday, which involve exercises to cultivate depth and subtlety in bandha, breathing and pranayama along with discussion about the role of Yoga and Buddhist philosophy in our modern physical practice and daily lives.

The course is open for 2 or 4 weeks registration.

Contact Iain at iaingrysak@gmail.com to register.


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Ashtanga Pranayama Course

Daily Mysore style practice and pranayama with Iain in Ubud, Bali

Next course dates TBA

The pranayama and breathing course is a unique opportunity to receive consistent and in depth instruction in ujjayi and viloma breathing and pranayama over a period of several weeks. Daily Mysore style Ashtanga practice is required, followed by breathing and pranayama instruction from 9:30 – 10:30 am. Participants will learn how to use the breath to it’s full potential, deepen their understanding of bandha and will also develop a structured pranayama practice which they can take away and continue long term.

The course is open for 2 or 4 weeks registration.

Contact Iain at iaingrysak@gmail.com to register.


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Latest Video

Interview with Stu Girling (LoveYogaAnatomy)

Anatomy expert Stu Girling interviewed me in July 2014. Our discussion was centered around breathing and its role and importance in the Ashtanga Vinyasa practice.