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Contact: iaingrysak@gmail.com

About Timothy Lynch

Timothy will be teaching the Mysore program at the Seeds of Life Cafe in Ubud while Iain is away during July and August 2018.

Timothy spent his formative years practicing the Mysore method in New York City with Eddie Stern. He is KPJAYI authorized, and is grateful for the guidance of Sharath Jois, Rolf and Marci Naujokat, Peter Sanson, Dr. Nagaraja Rao, and S.N. Goenka for his transmission of the Vipassana method.

Timothy recently moved back to New York City with his wife and fifteen month old daughter after having the privilege of spending three years as founder and director of Mysore Oakland, a bustling Mysore style Ashtanga community in Oakland, California.

the Ashtanga method often presents us with quite complex questions, asking that we dig in and do the necessary work to reveal what we’ve allowed to be covered over by delusion. In wading through the questions and removing what’s unnecessary, we potentially unveil that which was there all along: Our true nature.

The current string of inquiry capturing Timothy’s curiousity: What is it to stumble through the exercises of becoming a father (thus orienting oneself externally), while continuing along on an inward journey that’s already well underway? How do these things mirror one another and what is it to become malleable and cultivate ever evolving tools towards a sustainable balanced inner and outer life. Consistent daily practice offers a venue within which to explore how this embodied self can soften into the process of unveiling.