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Ashtanga Yoga Backbending Techniques with Iain Grysak in Ubud, Bali

Ashtanga Vinyasa Backbending workshop Iain Grysak Ubud Bali


Upcoming Backbending Workshop:

Next course TBA



About the Workshop

Backbending is one of the most challenging categories of yoga posture for many practitioners. Fear and a desire to avoid them are a common experience for many. Yet, avoiding or failing to fully engage with these postures will not allow the body and nervous system to develop their full range of strength and opening necessary for a balanced internal experience.

In this workshop we will examine techniques for practicing backbends in a safe and effective way for students of all levels. Specific stretches and “openers” will be taught for tight areas that tend to limit backbending including the quadriceps, psoas, upper back and shoulders. Will we also examine how to effectively align the body and breath in order to practice with minimal discomfort and maximum awareness. Long term intelligent work in these postures can contribute to alleviating congestion and chronic pain, while building physical and psychological strength and confidence.


Who Should Join

The course is open to students of all levels who have had some basic exposure to any form of yoga.

We will not be practicing advanced backbends in this course, rather we will examine the fundamental principles through the more basic and accessible postures.


Schedule & Registration

Upcoming Workshop:

Next dates TBA

Workshops are held at the Seeds of Life Raw Food Cafe and Tonic Bar, Jalan Goutama, Ubud, Bali.

These workshops require pre-registration.

Contact Iain at iaingrysak@gmail.com to register



$40 USD (Rp 450 000) per workshop.

Payment can be made in USD or IDR cash or in USD by credit card or bank transfer.
Payment details will be given upon registration.


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