Ashtanga Vinyasa is a flowing sequence of coordinated movements of body and breath. As one’s practice deepens, the primacy of the breath work in this system begins to emerge. An advanced practitioner, floating with grace and ease through advanced and potentially strenuous asanas and vinyasas will often cite the breath as the key to his or her mastery of the practice. At this stage, the practice truly becomes a moving meditation, with breath and internal form as the main object of the meditation.

Yet, few practitioner are able to harness the potential of the breath in their practice. Even fewer practitioners develop a pranayama practice. This is partly due to a lack of opportunity for in depth instruction and practice. There are very few teachers who have the level of experience required to teach breathing and pranayama in an effective way.

This course is a unique opportunity to receive consistent instruction and guided practice in ujjayi and viloma breathing and Ashtanga pranayama over a period of 2 or 4 weeks. Participants will learn how to use the breath more effectively in their Ashtanga practice. The energetic pattern of bandha, which informs the movements of body and breath will become much clearer. By the end of the course, participants will also have a separate pranayama practice that they can take away and continue with on a long term basis.

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4 weeks:

for the pranayama section: rp 6 100 000 (USD 400)

2 weeks:

for the pranayama section: rp 3 800 000 (USD 250)

4 weeks:

Morning Mysore: rp 3 050 000 (USD 200)
Pranayama:  rp 6 100 000 (USD 400) (pranayama)
Total = rp 9 150 000 (USD 600)

2 weeks:

Morning Mysore: rp 1 800 000 (USD 120)
Pranayama: rp 3 800 000 (USD 250)
Total = rp 5 600 000 (USD 370)

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